Sunday, January 31, 2010

Unlucky ? or perhaps my lucky day. .

Just in mere 2 day, 3 things happened on my car..

Perodua Myvi.

Case one, both of my window wiper get stolen. Maybe because I had parked my car quite far from my house. I didn't realize it until the rain fall. When I swipe the wiper,

shit.. only two stick were wiping around without the wiper. I had drove through the rain from Uni to my rented house at ss2. Extremely careful.

Case two, On the very same day. Happened at night, when I decided to go back Kepong, just when I reversed my car, I heard

'krooooooookkkkk' . . . . . . . . .


Hell yeah, a wall scratched my car. The scar is so visible and significant. Lol, my beautiful myvi which had protected well all along, is finally screwed in the hand of mine.

Case three, happened on the next day. On the way return from Sunway Pyramid after had my dinner with Xiaxang gang..

My car is starve to death !

Apparently I forget to feed my car. The oil indicator had dropped to the last gauge since 2 day ago, and I am still driving happily from

PJ - Uni - PJ - Kepong - Pj - Uni - Sunway - and final destination

Ldp highway ... when on the way back to Kepong.

Just 600m from toll, I felt that my car was losing its 'umph..' just like when hiking a hill with full load. Then jou choke har choke har...

and finally the engine failed.

Haiz, I direct my slowing down car to the left lane and activate the 'double signal'.

My car, is starve to death... certified -.-"

The engine died on me.. I can't even start it.

I called my parents and wait them to come.

Cars were pass-by my car with great speed. A lot flashed their light and some even hon. Before my parents came.. A police stopped by and ask me to move my car to safe site. Eventually I have disrupt the left lane, and it is gravely dangerous, when it happened on highway..

But, the nearest safe site is near the toll.

Which is 600 M away !

The police and I were pushing the car. I was exhausted like shit. Right after I saw the toll which is 100m away, my parents finally came.

They bought some fuel and feed my car. Thanks to the police which helped me out. My arms was so tired until can't drive anymore. I let my mom drive instead.

So... what do you think? I was damn unlucky right ?

But, after a deep thought... I think I am very lucky indeed.

Case 1: How if my car was stolen instead of my wiper? Lucky I only lost a pair of wiper. Gracious

Case 2: My deep confident in driving has cause me to drive quite recklessly. This little scratch had remind me to be extra caution. A little scratch is nothing compare to a 'big bang' on road. Gracious

Case 3: I have a bad habit in feeding my car before it get really empty. Now I already learn my lesson d.. sked jor. Last time, I always joke with friend about pushing car when I saw their oil indicator is low. Now that I have physically experienced it.. pushing my heavy myvi
KAO KAO. What can I say more... lol, rajin sikit la, feed your car often ! How lucky I was, because my parents were just finish their dinner function at 1 Utama and were on their way back.

Gracious for everything that happened on you, it might not as bad as it seem. :)


LEe YiN said...

yea! u're definately lucky!

Carlson said...

Poor holim... I reli LOL when u said u on the wiper but onli saw two sticks were wiping there... Haha... Btw, the policeman seems like helpful enuf... =)

夜猫呆呆 said...

everything happens with a reason. You are lucky, you learn something, God loves you so much.
Next time be careful ya~
Anyway, wanna ask you about your new rumour...walao, Holim, you betray Rachel? haha.

Lastly, may God bless you always. ^^

holim said...

ask you said... rumor haha

夜猫呆呆 said...

haha,if really nothing happens, where comes the rumour? as I say, everything happens for a reason.. aiks, ni jiu hao lo...