Monday, August 2, 2010

First time OT

Today I OT until 7pm because I had received urgent assignment by 4.30pm. I need to call and deliver messages to 30 employees. My senior only provide me with their name and id. I will have to search their contact by myself.

Looking at time, I knew I gonna be late. Hence I suggested Big-Mac and her gang follow other car to go home.

After calling these number of people, my throat felt soar and ascent sound sexy XD. Calling people is not that bad actually. My daily coding work is really bored me out, so I kinda enjoy this.

Today my uncle, provide me sample on how to create a personal spending budget. From now on, I must well manage my money. Under my uncle guide, soon enough I will start my very first step in the world of Stock Investment.

Start young and waste no time.


Gold Dragon said...

Add oil! it isn't bad thing, at least you learn something in the end!

夜猫呆呆 said...

hey yo, hw is the sample looks like? I wanna plan mine too. XD

add oil ya. Anyway, i love to OT actually. I just the feeling of being busy, it makes me feel that i am useful. =)