Sunday, August 8, 2010

IBM Smarter Planet Charity Run 2010

Phew, the title for this run soooooo long. Like the title mentioned, I had joined marathon again, but this time it was just 5km.

Initially, I don't feel like joining this because it required RM35 as registration fees. For a poor intern like me, RM35 for just 5km run is not worthy. But, a friend of my uncle had paid, and decide not to run. Hence it gave me a chance to substitute his place. Nice right..

There lie a reason behind the costly registration fee. The profit collected will be donated to charity.

The best part of this run is, to get IBM t-shirt.

Nice right? haha. Before the marathon start, they even pay two instructor from FITNESS-FIRST to conduct a morning warm up session. Heck, their warm-up was quite over and it kinda drain-out my leg muscles energy.

For this run, they allocate 2 hours for everyone to complete the track.

Since this was a charity run by which participated by family and friends of IBM-er, they allocate a large amount of time for this 5km run. 2 hours to be precise. For professional run out there, I guess 50minute would be the qualifying time.

I took approximately 40 minutes to finish the race. And out of hundreds of participant in Men-open, I get

Not bad huh ;-)

Well, since this is more like a friend & family hang out time, people there prefer to walk and chit-chatting all the way till the finishing line. I doubt 2 hours would be enough for them. Since I came alone, I run alone too. Trying to complete race with my best timing and head home.

Suppose there would be a closing ceremony after the race. But I am reluctant to wait for hour. So I head home instead. Kepong ! Kepong !

I just love marathon.

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