Monday, August 9, 2010


I wish I could play a music instrument. Any of it. I have the passion, but easily give up. A year back, I finally start my first step and bought myself a guitar. It cost me RM160. Frankly speaking, I thought I will patient enough to learn by myself. Watching Youtube and online tutorial.

And not even a month+, the guitar is full of dust. Sometime I took it and strum it with few basic chord like C and G. The sound still awful and I starting to lost interest. I know, learning any kind of music instrument required patient and some talent. Only lazy people can't learn it. I guess, I am lazy.

I wish to learn piano too, but I know it is very costly to learn. Getting myself a piano is totally out of question. Hence guitar is the best and affordable music instrument for beginner.

But I really wish to master a guitar. At least firm enough to grip the string and fast enough to change chord. Now I in the midst of interning. Is this the right time for me to take out my dusty guitar and back to track ???

Seriously, my guitar need to be tune. I am noob, but good enough to know the run-out tune of my guitar. Question is, continue to learn by myself or seek guide from teacher ?


Legend said...

There is a way to play like a pro and all those nice songs but don't need much practice.

Guitar Hero.

夜猫呆呆 said...

seek a teacher. at least master the basic skill. after that u can start to learn urself. learn through youtube, honestly i guess it helps by self-talent. u need a teacher. rachel is learning back guitar too. haha. both of you so ngam ah~~~fishy~
anyway, if u r noob, i think u need a teacher to guide you, there are many things u are nt aware of and overcome it if u don have a teacher. wish u good luck.

Anonymous said...

No pains, no gains.......................................................................