Monday, August 16, 2010

The law of Garbage Truck

Today, I read a very meaningful email and eager to share with you guys. As the title mentioned, The Law of Garbage Truck.

One day, a couple board on a taxi. The taxi driver drive carefully along the way. There were cars parked along side of the road. Suddenly a black car move out from the parking without noticed the incoming taxi.

The taxi driver hit on the brake with all his might. The car just stop half inch from the black car. The black car driver came out from his car and start scolding frantically. Although the obvious offender is the black car driver, but the taxi driver do not reply his taunt. He just smile and waive his hand as a sign of apology. The black car driver take no further action and sped his car away.

The couple who was still in-shock questioned the taxi driver. "I can understand you want to avoid argument, why smile to him and apology instead ?" . The taxi driver explained.

"Have you heard the law of garbage truck ? Sometime there are people filled with garbage. They collect garbage from work, home and all sort of imaginable places. When they are fulled, they need a place to dump all their garbage away."

"That guy just now was dumping his garbage, why should I pick up his garbage and later unload it on my workplace or my houses?"

The couple node their head and smile all the way to their destination.

The best way to win an argument, is by never-reply the argument itself. Smile, is very deadly.
Trust me =)