Monday, August 30, 2010

Merdeka ? What it mean actually ? Now

Merdeka ! Merdeka ! Merdeka !!!!!!!

Got feeling ? I mean, the sense of patriotism ?? Come on Man, Tomorrow is the Day already.

I think not only me, but most of the Malaysian had forgot the excitement of Independence day. Today, it was just like any other day. Except there will be firework show later. Oh ya, and a grand parade. Guess that our Prime Minister will occupied the television all night long reading the written-by-somebody scripts.

I still remember last time, when I was just a primary school student, my school is so lively when approaching Independence day. Everyday, we will be singing Tanggal 31. Gosh, every time I was singing the song, the sense of patriotism will be boiling in my blood. Then I will hum that songs all day long. I even carry two small flags that contains candy in its tube-holder on my square bag. We decorated our classroom with Merdeka theme in our mind and anxiously await judges to visit our classroom. But heck, we never won. Such a nostalgia. I was studying in a small kebangsaan school back then. A lot of Malay and Indian friends working together.

As I was growing older, the excitement was decrease little by little. Although the celebration is still as grand as usual, or maybe become better by year with lot of money poured in. However, our mentality had growth too. We start to concern and observe things around us. Massive corruption scandal can't be hide any more and racist remark utter by various party is hard to be ignored. Kids can be so innocent and care less with all the catastrophic falling around them. but can we do the same? With all this come along, could we still truly enjoy our Independence Day with one eyes-close?

During this Independence month and coincidently holy month for Muslim, sadly, there were two person who had utter racist remark which the news was so hot that it had spread to whole country. Not even media could able to cover up any more. Believe me, there were tonnes of people who are racist out there. Undeniably, even I have a little racist-ism in my heart. But like most of the people, we try to keep in deep inside our heart. This is what tolerance about. But, it was not good. For now, we should breed acceptance instead of tolerance. But when a teacher who is the most important person in forming future leader is the one who utter such an irresponsible racist remark, then I am completely. . . get shot in point-blank.

Even worst, this two racist are headmaster. Headmaster position indicate a person with remarkable experiences and is the one who truly understand the criteria to mould future leader among kids. This is the person who is fit enough to become the guidance of all teachers so that they will never stray from the national vision, to strengthen Racial Harmony.

When people like Headmaster could utter this rubbish which carry term like 'balik China', how can we Malaysian could continue to lie to ourselves that our country is NOT FUCKING SICK ?

Can we still trust the policy that promised by Government which they claim that would build a better Malaysia?

We are the victim of racist remark utter by this BTN production. When I say we, I mean Malaysian which consist of all races. Every time there were cases like racist remarks, church and mosque arson attack, it had inflict deep injury to our racial harmony. When we, the victim try to voice our discontented through media, we get will get caught and prosecuted instead of the culprit who had done harm to racial harmony.

The controversial singer Namewee, who is popular for his song 'Negarakuku' was been marked by government again. This time he had produce a short clip video to express his anger toward racist. I had watch his video myself, and I can assure that he did not bombard any particular races, but just the racist culprits. Just a mere days after the release of his video, government start to make their move to curb him. Ironically, even our Prime Minister rushing to jump queue to curb him.

When the first headmaster in Johor utter this statement. DPM and PM himself hide in dark and hold their silence stance. After hard bombardment from opposition, only then a body was formed to investigate this matter, of course, we need to wait for god-know months for the result. Our PM was totally silence on this and DPM had to bite the bullet for him. And if the cow-head incident which parade with cow-head and utter racist remark were only sentenced a light punishment. (few thousand ringgit of fine and few month jails), what can we expect the weight of punishment befall upon the headmaster ?

Thing start to get worst when not more than two weeks, a headmaster in Kedah had utter racist remark too, with contents almost same like Johor headmaster, and again, our PM and DPM was silence on this. The entire government was so silence about this case except Nazri. Frankly, I do not like this fella. All the while he had spoke more rubbish than the amount of rubbish I could dump weekly. But this time, he is right. NO racist should be go unpunished ! A strong ultimatum should be shown. A very good example is shown ! Didn't it ? Because of the slow action taken after the headmaster had done offence at Johor, it give a very weak signal on those hidden racist who are waiting to explode. If such a light punishment was AGAIN, be sentenced upon this kind of racist, then it reflects that government was actually more hoping to trigger all of this hidden bomb that they had planted all over the country thanks to BTN.

From history and previous record, you could see that our government was taking very light effort to curb racist-ism among his party member. Ahmad Ismail, the former Penang UMNO chief, was only suspended 3 years of membership instead of being charged with sedition act. But heck, he get unsuspended after 2 years or less. Because of good attitude ? My Foot ! And the special assistance of Prime Minister who openly utter racist remark when confront by reporter, could get away with simple apology.

And poor Namewee, guess that your name is not in their big family list.

Namewee get investigate under seditious act by police instead of the two headmaster who are taking a paid leave now ? If sentenced, he will be in jail up to 3 years. Although he is a very rude person for using lot of vulgar words in his production, but he is a victim too, like us. The difference is, he is brave and we are chicken-shit. I hope I can be like him too, dare to voice out my discontented in public in the name of democracy and fight for better Malaysia.

Two more hour and here come the Independence Day. The day British left our country. The day our rich national resources stop being plundered, by British... but still getting plundered, but by different party. And the day where we start enjoying democracy.

Deep inside your living heart. Is it true ? Open your eyes and see your mother. Ibu Pertiwi. Corruption is so massive that we are so well recognize by world-wide. Please don't mention the recent Teoh Beng Hock case. After watching the video release by MACC website. I feel like sunk my head into a super deep hole. We are becoming famous laughing stock ! If this is the quality of lawyer sent out to fight for Pulau Batu Puteh in ICJ last time, then I can see why we lose the case. The mystery is clear. True fact is, in order to cling on power, the irresponsible party is willing to put the life of all Malaysian in stake by playing racial fire. The state we are now, is no different compare those days before Independence. Our money had been plundered and worst still, being transfer out to other country in order to lose the track. The relationship between various race had been worsen by days and emergence of few ultra party who could speak whatever seditious rubbish till the kingdom come and yet no ISA for them. The court had become so not dependent and kangaroo till it had lose the confident and respect from fellow Malaysian. The police and anti-corruption body had soooo tainted image and being look-down by all.

This is how a iron-clad rule country would look like. This is not a democracy country for mother sake. Are we really independence ? Yes, logically and lawfully undeniable. But human-rightly and faithfully is a big NONO and it is well known in heart by all of us.

Is time to be independence again ! and let us

Together we gave Malaysia the 2nd Independence Day on 13GE !!!!! Shall We ;-)


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