Monday, November 3, 2008

18min Before 'EXAM DAY'

Tomorrow gonna exam already . . Now is 1.42am. 18minute more to reach the 'EXAM DAY' ! Anywhere, I had pour sufficient effort in it and hope that I wont failed (Not dare to aim A). Haha, frankly speaking, I am very enjoy the process before exam. Though everyday I need to read, read, and read . . but I enjoy the process. My revision weeks were filled with laughs and fun ! Throughout this study week, I had known some friends even closer. . etc Beeting , Rachel , philip, cat, connie, esther . . I found that actually they are very fun to be with and thanks to them, I really enjoy my last few day before Titas and programming. Jokes ... Laughs... Crapzz.. they are cRaZy . Lol. .. I really get to know their true personality during this study week. *Beeting . .ahem* hahaha. Philip aka GOD OF FSKTM also struggling in Titas. .make me laugh until wan die liao.. Never knew that he so scared Titas..haha. Ei, he got 'minta ajar' regarding Titas from me leh.. Fuyoh, first time I can pro-ly teach him a little knowledge.. Haha, really funny la. Hiaz, but after Titas, all will die lo, Philip sure feel nothing adi, he only scare Titas.. haha. We all worry 5 subjects and he only worry one..Cham. In a nutshell, though there will be many many papers to come, but I will never too stress out myself, because I know that there will be lotz more friends who will fight alongside me. I am not alone anymore. . thx guys !

P.s : (Oya, i got one more things to say . . A tiger will be a tiger.. Imposibble for it to become vegetarian.. Though they say they wan to eat Vege forever, but in no time they will hunger for Meats and eventually they will turn back to their true nature . . A meat eater . . In this world, we need balance. A tiger will be a tiger forever mah. . A Sheep will be sheep forever also lo. We need sheep and tiger in this world in order to make this world a more colourful place ..

Conclusion is, Tiger don need try to become sheep lo.. We the (Semester) love who you really are (tiger)
^^ )

*The statement above, maybe some of you will not understand what I trying to say, but I sure some particular group will understand d . .haha. . *Peace*


yen said...


gambateh gambateh hora hora!!!

tan said...

relly feel happy that see u so happy even though during study week and exam! kaka..its the best way to study in this condition!! gambateh bro!!!!

tan said...

and gambateh to all ur frens too! haha!!

plank ton said...

good for u BT din 'kill' u.. hahaha