Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Funny article....

PS : This joke article contain some vulgar words.. So, 'paiseh' ya, hahaha . And sorry ya Frank, have to use u as my article's 'lam ju kiok' hahaha. Enjoy~~~

That day I go up north with Frank to Ipoh to eat Taugeh chicken lice, then on the way kambing back to KL he suddenly shouted ...

Frank : OI!!! STOP THE CAR!!!
Holim : What??!!
Frank : STOP THE CAR!!!
Holim : HERE? In the middle of nowhere? you crazy??!!! no way!
Frank : Stop the car or i will shit in your car!
Holim : MCH!!! ok ok I stop!!! I stop!!! Stop where ?
Frank : There! u see the bush there?
Holim : Ok ok now get the outta my car and go shit in the bush!

Frank jumped outta my car and run as fast as he could into the bush while i stay in the car and wait for him to finish his business ....

A few minits later my phone ring ... I see see its

Holim : Halo! You shit that time need to chat with someone only can come out izzit?
Frank : Oi! Your car got tissue paper anot?
Holim : Tarak! Sand paper u ngam anot?
Frank : Mahai dun play!!
Holim : Really tarak wan leh! In my boot there really got sand paper wan!
Frank : Diu la! no tisue how to wipe?
Holim : Err ... use leaves la!!!
Frank : Mch! no leaves on the ground la! if wanna use leave kenot climb tree naked ledi! Lu siao ar??!!
Holim : Aiyaks! lidat ... lidat ... ermm
Frank : Diu! Faster help me think la!
Holim : OH!! use money!!! you got one ringgit anot?
Frank : Got! Then?
Holim : Use it to wipe la!
Frank : Use one ringgit to wipe?? U sure can anot??!!!
Holim : Can la!!! last time my friend Shin Yeen also done something lidis before geh! trust me!
Frank : MCH! if you bruff me then u die!

Few minutes later I can see
Frank emerges from the bush ... something dont seems very right, the way hes walking is somehow wrong .... so i got down of the car and asked him ...

Holim : Oi your shit too hard your asshole koyakED izzit?
Frank : No lah! this time my shit soft soft sticky sticky one! got undigested taugeh sommo!
Holim : Then why u walk lidat wan??
Frank : Niahma! all thanks to you la!
Holim : Why me?
Frank : You asked me to use one Ringgit to wipe my ass lar diu!
Holim : Yar ... dint that do the trick? If one ringgit not enuff then u use 2 ringgit la!
Frank : Mahai!!! 2 Ringgit??!! I where got so much coins??!!!

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