Monday, November 17, 2008

Nice Trip to Genting ^^

Now is 10.10 pm 21/11/2008

For your information exam had pass and once again I had gained back my freedomm, yeah ! ! The next day we went to Genting at 16/11/08 . Hmm, trip to Genting is so fun this time. Things go as plan and we are back to coll in one pieces. Though many people had let go the aeroplane at the last minute, we are still able to fully enjoy ourselves. Well, trips would'nt be fun if there are no galz around right? haha. Well, luckily the famous 'BRES' company sdn bhd had sent their 5 representative which consist of 4 MT and their very blur member ... (LOLX)

1) Bee Ting the BRES director
2)Shin Yeen the BRES 8 po (according to Frank, go chock him not me k..haha)
3)Esther the super Big-eyes-galz
4)Rachel aka Bres secrectory
5)Cindy the blur-blur

Well, for the guys part we have

1)Frank aka 8 gong ( He admit himself )
2)Philip the Subang most famous stick !
3)Jun yen the treasurer
4)Quinn the joker
5)Lap foong aka "Ah Shuai"
6)Ah Wai aka viagra ( Beeting say one )

Oya, not to forget Ah fei, Andy, Zhe Hua, and Yiyen too. Too bad they cant stay long enough to to enjoy with us.

Waw, suprisingly people are not that peak on that day, hm . . why ah? Even at theme park we get to play game without waiting long. Haha, maybe too long adi never 'chi gek' my heart, I had skipped the 'selero shot' ! Arghh ! sad lo.... But other than that, I dare to play other things else. The cork screw is fun!!! Haha, never wonder that Cindy is so brave to try out roller-coaster and other 'scary game' at there. Beeting~~ Omg, i think whole theme park can heard her voice lo swt. Shout like ' kill pig' haha. Always pretend like very fear and afraid and always said " I very scared, I really very scared eh" then tiba tiba " ei, this roller-coaster very fun, lai second round, ahhh I really really very scared" . . -.-||. I think among BRES sdn bhd, she is the bravest one. Shin Yeen and Esther go there only play one game only. . . pay rm38 to see me play only muahaha. Whenever ask Esther play, the old same pattern come out by which Quinn love to hear "WO BU YAOOOOO" . muahahaha.

Well, after theme park session, we going to watch movie !! MADASGASCAR 2
Beeting was so enjoy that show and eventually she sang together the theme song "I like to move it move it.." as she is one of the animal inside the movie.. and Shin Yeen get frighten too. THANK GOD SHE NOT SITTING BESIDE ME... alleluyah and amitabha Hahahaha . Frank said that Beeting same like Gloria(not mean that Bee ting is fat k . . . ) lol, Beeting laugh like Gloria lol.. I cant agree more than what Frank said.. haha. Overall, that movie is a good movie but too bad, after the theme park activity + after dinner, many of us fell asleep. *Quinn don't know sleep till reach which planet adi..*

After that we back to room to have some rest before we going to SAFARI ! ! Well, we boys had did some stupid thing at there, thx to Jun Yen... haha. We trying to explore the staircase way and trying to reach the top building and it turn out that we have accidentally locked ourself inside . . Stupid door design! Can go in but cannot go out. Have to call BRES sdn Bhd to help us open the stupid door. So embrassing -.-

Well, thought that the girls are going to done 'makeup-ing' so we decided to wait them at the entrance of SAFARI . Guess what, when I call them after waiting for 15minute, they said coming coming. And they turn up after we wait around for 40 minute+ WAH ! Girls really take a long time to dress up+makeup eh. But later I discover the actual reason why they took such a long time.. hehe, they were actually busying camwhoring ! Too ss with their appearance lor. But frankly they are good in makeup, their eyes are beautiful ^^ .

Beeting and Shin Yeen are really pro in dancing, pro ' clubber' lol. Shin Yeen in SAFARI and Shin yeen in theme park are totally sky and earth. In theme park you see a frighten little rabbit, but in SAFARI you see a in-heat TIGER.. hahaha. And for Bee Ting case, you will see a monkey who just stepped a nail ... can you imagine that? lolx...Kelian Cindy stand there and din't really enjoy the loud beat and songs. Maybe is her first time ba. 'guai guai lui' is like that lor, not like BT and SY... hahaha. And the Subang most famous stick, sebatang Philip stand there whole night and never budge a little bit. Haiz, really like a poll waiting some one like **SY ahem.. * to dance with it. Hahaha.

After clubbing, we back to hotel and Sleep ! next day, nothing interesting stuff happen lor and back to Kl around 3pm. Photo session !

Lrt station .. on the way to genting.. wee

Sakai Frank so rude ! show his nice finger to me early in the morning =.=

Andy peaceful smile ^^

Agree with Frank, dono what Quin was doing??

Buying Tix for madagascar II.. meanwhile, take pic lor

Macho 3 !

Inside theme park.. Rachel so man!

Okay Philip, i can catch your feeling.. Hahaha

BRES director n Me

Blur Cindy n Me ^^

The only game SY played.. Sakai Frank look like bullying SY lolx

Waw... shudn't Frank and Quinn switch place?? muahaha

Employer sexual harrasment employee
SY so kelian


Yesh, I am pointing YOU! dont block my way okay.. hahaha

Roller coaster.. Cindy most and the only famous 'peace' sign,,, V^^

Don know what expression they wan to show.. (-_-|| )

We fighting for the phone .. lolx

the moron 6(inluding the camera holder) stucked in stairway.. figuring way out..)

HELP~~~HELP~~~HELP holy cow..

All heavily make-up , anywhere, they look nice \(^_^ )/

Camwhoring~~ the reason why we guys wait one hour in front of SAFARI ! grrr..

The guys gang... Feeling dissatisfied because galz DON NEED TO PAY.. ladies night WTH !
Beh song beh song ! ! !

WEEE ! ! don need pay muahahahaha

Inside SAFARI after first round of disko-ing
Fuyoh~Tis is cool. Beeting is still wearing her cloth. Dun worry.. hahaha


Next day going to Pangkor.. too tired to post about pangkor, save for next time k? Holiday so much time mah... hhahaaha.. Feel like my life is on risk when the new sem start...\ (x_x " )/

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