Monday, November 24, 2008

Emo+Boring day. . .

Holiday . . . . weee . . . . so what (=_=)

Boring la, at home everyday, Yamcha also no more saliva to talk adi . Go vocation ? no money wor. (T_T)

Sometime hope that 1st sem haven end yet. Really damn miss my Um pals now. haiz, will everything still the same when the new sem is started? Will everyone become so busy until no time to hang out together?

Of course it wont be the same . more credit hours and more assignment. Luckily room-mate and room don't need to change again. So troublesome. Would we still have the times to hang out like last time? I hate changes but have to live with it . Life goes on and hope that everything will be fine and ok . Looking forward to sem 2 !

By the way, today i cooked spaggeti ^^, long time never cook adi. skill drop a little bit but still okay la.

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