Friday, October 15, 2010

20K blog counter =)


Finally my blog counter had arrived at another benchmark which mark my first 20K blog clicker (well, actually most might probably just pass-by).

I soon came to realize that I don't have 20k readers actually, but I do have 20K times of people accessing my blog space. Well, to be frank (Not that I want to be the sakai) I myself might have contribute 10K of it XD, but to have extra 10K 'click' contribute by others are seriously good enough for me =)

I still remember there was a time when I came back from a trip to Langkawi and I have blog about the trip with lotsa of photos. Just in a mere weeks, my blog counter mark an increment from 2-3K to 8-9K ! So, I was thinking that the Blog counter (Free apps of course) gone haywire. But soon, I found out that some traveling website had marked my Langkawi post as a recommended link to learn about LangKawi. Without my permission. Well, since I did not registered it under copy right..... but, I do not mind too XD

From that day on, the counter was slowly increase from time to time till now. Marked my first 20K count.

Thanks for the free apps and please don't die out.

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y3ehoong said...

congratz bro~keep it up ^^ enjoy reading ur blog. lol