Saturday, October 2, 2010

Family expansion =D

Hooray ! Finally my auntie successfully delivered her little princess. Yesterday was the day and it happened in Tropicana Medical Center.

Though these cute little niece have a wide age gap with me, but she and I have the same status in family hierarchy. My uncle is younger brother of my father, which make me a little senior than this new niece. Haha.

One of my purpose to purchase this camera of mine so early, is to snap this precious moment of my newly born niece.

When I snap photos, I always seek for naturality as if I am invisible when taking photos. Yeah, kinda like stalker style.

Hence this little model, really met up all my requirement because every shot from my cam, are just perfectly pure and innocent.

And . . . here come my Uncle

A new daddy in field. His very first daughter.

First touch from both father and mother are crucially important in order to develop a strong relationship.

Well, my uncle smiling all the time. When he got his time with her daughter, outer element like me, the annoying photographer who making lotsa noise of 'chigit , chigit' . . . is not significant any more.

My grandma. She is really a house-sticker. It is so hard to get her out from house unless there is something important. Even during Chinese New Year, she would prefer to stay in house watching television. For this case, it got what it take for her to come out from the house.

Together with my 2nd Uncle and his family

Well, I always hate environment inside hospital. The aura is so negative. I hate it so much ! But, labor floor really make a different. Everyone is smiling.

And I love that. Well, Omedeto gozaimasu to my uncle and auntie for safely delivered this little princess and thanks for this precious photo-shooting opportunity. =D

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