Sunday, October 17, 2010

Freedom Film Festival

This is a voluntary program, that I know I must join. Besides getting an opportunity to learn about human right, I can practice my photography skill along the way.

Yes, I am a volunteer photographer for that event. Same goes to JunYen.

And it is a paid job =) which is my first paid job as a photographer. RM50 only, but I am jumping till the heaven high XD. (Actually, that is not consider a salary, it is just an incentive to thanks our helping hand. Well, I still love to consider it as a paid job)

Back to the event, It was held at PKNS tower 15th floor.

Wondering if you guys have notice this banner anywhere before.

It had a large hall which can hold a capacity of 500 pax. There were a round 20 volunteer helping around and to my amaze,

Ladies were the one in charge in technical field and they have totally full control of it ! They control the sound, the movie and the communication too. Damn, they are good ! Well, girls could look sweet and adorable from outside,


When they are serious . . . dig your grave, if you mess with them. (right? junyen XD)

There is one thing that some of our friend would like to keep it low profile. They might be a low profiler in Uni, but at outside . . .

this friend of our is a hardcore activist. Oh ya, including this too

He is very very popular. Seriously
You will be surprise after knowing how much NGO program they had helped out. Go talk with them, I sure they have lot to tell haha. Andhie, hope that you don't kena ALKU la.

Andhie, will be manning a stall which will sell handcraft made by indigenous people. Seriously, there are actually people buying it. Business is good some more. lol

It was a close event which was held inside a building. So, it will be quite cramp when everyone was there. But, I would never ever forget one of my Photography principal which I have make since I get my camera. Which is,

Never let Beauty slip-away uncaptured.

Well, sad to say that the lady in green was the prettiest of all since there were not much competitor around.

But, perhaps some like Korean

Or pure Indigenous people

She is seriously cute. By the way, I never ask her whether she is indigenous descendant or not, it was just my plain guess from my observation.

One thing that I am totally agree with a friend of mine. Which I look him as a skillful photographer. That thing was, photographer must overcome their shyness and dare to take photos of people. Especially when your lens cant zoom that much XD. Maximum focal length of 50mm really not far at all !

Can I get this ???
70-200 mm f/2.8 L ... wuhuhuhu

Did I tell you that this event is not some half-cooked cheapskate stuff? I am pretty sure of it when they could invite two Yang Berhormat and one ambassador of Netherland as honourable guess.

YB ...... I forget. It is that ladies in pink tudung.

And the Netherlands ambassador with his wife. The media were invited too. As expected, professional photographers were there to do a media cover.

A paid photographer is not unusual to lug two set of DSLR around. And I have spotted two people using L lens

They snap people with their super zoom lens , and I snap them instead. Well, as I said, mine maximum focal point of 50mm really ain't far and I won't wanna become a highlight by taking photos 5 feet away from the YB. So, I stay where I was and snap their photographer instead hahaha.


Do you spot Junyen in the photo below ?

Of course you did !!! I have no idea h0w he manage to squeeze himself in the crowd of professional with his 1000D + 18-55mm !!!!!!!!!!!!
Damn, what can I say more ? His ball is larger than mine God Damn It !

Seriously, I have a real good time over there. This is the first time I take photography extra serious as I considered it a paid job :p

And the best of all the photos I took that day..... is this

Shooting through a window glass. You can see city light out there. Thanks FFF for this opportunity. I am having fun.

By the way, I had use up the RM50 for grocery shopping today XD. And stay tune for Eco Film Festival which had been held today. Again, Junyen and I were the official volunteer photographer.

No pay - Sad case

But got free food + cool t-shirt - =)


Legend said...

At least can get free makan and RM 50.
Last time, events where I'm the official photographer requires me to pay for the entrance tickets, not being to eat, and not getting anything at all...

You might want to go for the 55-250mm IS lens to extent your range. It's the best of the economic class.
You still cannot take sports or wildlife photography, but for stationary objects, it should do well.

70-200mm got lens mug version. I CODing with some guy at Sunway pyramid next Sunday. Cool stuff for about RM 60.

Legend said...

Oh, your eyes are sharp.
Those are indeed the 70-200 f/2.8 Non-IS USM L lens.

But why not get the IS version lolz.
I think it'll cost slightly below RM 5K 2nd hand and slightly above 7K first hand.

holim said...

Hi Legend, thanks for dropping by. Btw, I had noticed that you owned a tamron 70-300mm lens.

will it perform better than canon 55-250 mm ?

xehnida said...

The technical ladies: the left most is Mei Yee, head of technical, beside her is Beatrice.

and your favourite lady in green, i had a good time talking to her, and she read me a story upon my request also had dinner with her :P will also meet her another time

and that cute girl is an indigenous people. she a Mon people, doing the Kaoprise Soap booth. and she fall sick that day :( and she didnt listen to her teacher say not come cause she wants to meet us.

and when did you snap the pic of me =___=

Legend said...

The 70-300 sucks.
It doesn't have USM or IS.
It's extremely noisy, been giving me a lot of problems, and not really sharp.
Only has a crappy Macro mode.

Why did I get it?
I got it second hand for SGD 130.
So it was worthed it.

I heard the new Tamron 70-300 is good though to rival the canon
EF 75-300mm USM IS L.

But for most long range shots, you need an wide aperture.
That's why I'm planning to go for the 70-200mm f/2.8 L sometime in 2012. Since I don't really fancy taking panning shots of cars, I don't really need the IS.

Just a word of advice.
For A LOT of enthusiasts , zoom tele lens are one of the lens they use very rarely.

Legend said...

Erm back to your question.
55-250 will perform better than the 70-300 tamron and 75-300 USM canon. You really need IS at that focal range and small aperture.

I feel the 70-200 range lens is not worthed it when using it on a APS-C(crop) camera because it becomes too tele for normal use.
That's why I'll only get it after I get my full frame.