Sunday, October 31, 2010

Infatuation ? Love ?

Voila, again this is not a post jammed with crappy photos of mine. But soon enough you will see lot lot of them. Because I had just back from a trip to Ipoh.

Lets talk about one word. Infatuation.

Last week, I came to realize the existence of this word. I never come across this word before. No need to say if I understand what it mean, it sound like a bread getting  bigger when dipped inside water.

Well, after understanding this word. It make sense.

For some of you, who do not know what is infatuation mean, it mean ( I use my own way to explain about it, for better explaination, please ask Mr. Google.)

It is a combination of several chemical reaction inside our body which create a sense of strong attraction whether mentally / physically toward the targeted one. Which will cause our heart to beat faster due to adrenaline pump, anxiety and nervouses due to changes of hormone and feeling of contented/ happy/ satisfy due to phenylalanine which can be found in chocolate. Some time, it is powerful enough to sabotage our logical motor in brain. Which make people to do something extraordinary (unexpected act).

Sum up all of this reaction together, you get the sense of I-Cant-Live-My-Live-Without-You and You-Are-The-One feeling. From here, you I would say . . we are in the state of infatuate.Which is created by our system's chemical reaction.

A question for myself is ...

Did I make moves on girls because of I-seriously-love-them or I-Think-She-Is-My-Destine-One? Or is it just an over-dose infatuation pump in my body during that time that finally by-pass my logical system? Things started to make sense to me. It's all explained.

Well, that mean I am back to ground zero. Getting to know the meaning of infatuation doesn't mean I know what is love. For what I am sure, I knew the feeling of infatuation so damn well. But, did the love come along too? Can love and infatuation co-exist ?

Anyway, let me explained the feeling of infatuation according to my experience.

When one is infatuated, he/she will came upon a lot feeling due to hormone changes. Feeling of Happy when they get good attention from he/her, Jealous and angry when he/she seem close to others guys and feeling sick-emo-sour of feeling when she is far away from you, the great anxiety and nervous when waiting for his/her reply (sms , msn , whatever) and despair/sorrow when effort / result did not get appreciated.

All of this, is the symptom of infatuation. This is what many used to believe it is the feeling of 'love'.

Undeniably, it is a cruel fact. Love doesn't come that easy. It need to be well nurture just like planting a seed. But this seed, is the world hardest plant to grow. It take a lot of effort, pain, attention and time to make it grow.

Thanks to infatuation. It drive us to grow it.

For what I think, infatuation never last. But love will. When infatuation is gone, only love is what it remain to continue binding the relationship together. If during the period of infatuation, the seed of love do not grow... then I would say it is a gone case. This is where break-up come into play.

Infatuation is vital. Without it, human will never have the passion and determination to grow the seed. But, I believe passion and determination alone can't guarantee a sure success.

Because you can never grow a rose on dessert ain't ? If you do manage to grow it as a result of one extreme determination and another with extreme tolerance.

The rose will surely grow even at desert..... will it grow beautiful then ?

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