Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Lunch @ Kura

I met up my sibling and cousin for a lunch at Kura.

Kura is not tortoise, though it mean like that in malay. It is a name of a Japanese restaurant located at One Utama. Maybe I am a cheapo which never tastes a really great High Class Jap Food. For me, Kura is really great in term of its service and foods.

But we are not sitting on that table facing the chef la. Because we come quite a number, so they get us a private room which is very comfy. Actually this is not my first time here. My department director had treated me before for a lunch here few weeks back. That was my first time having a classy Jap food. And I love it !

But I was damn regret that time for not taking along my 4K and missing out a lot of great photos. By the way, 4k is my camera. I love to call it that way because it cause me that Bombing Amount !

 Well, this time I am going to snap till the kingdom come.

Did I mentioned before that I came with my cousin ? My cousin is really a nice person. Though older than us almost 10 years + but we are very clicked. This whole lunch is sponsored by my sis and cousins. My brother and I eat free free.... paiseh desneh.

The cousin of mine, have a very cute pair of son and daughter. She had taught her daughter very well in term of fashion and posing since small. So I grabbed this opportunity to mimic a studio style photography.

Well, that sum up my fantastic lunch @ Kura. Planning to lunch over there for 3rd time with my friend at the last week of internship. But this time, no more free lunch I guess XD

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