Friday, October 1, 2010

Jim Birthday

Yesterday is a birthday of a friend of mine.


We made a simple celebration for him, but effort-full. So, we tried to surprise him by all of us gathering somewhere outside his house.

And we squat and hide when Jim suddenly open his house door. Seriously, a bunch of peoples hiding on some lorong will really make people suspicious. I felt like car theft pulak though I squatting beside my car with my camera unlock, reading to shoot whatever on-sight.

Phew, Jim went back in. So we proceed to prepare the Birthday Cake !

(-____- "")

Nobody bring matches or Lighter.

Hence, this sakai try to use car-cigarette-heater to light it up.

I would say, this is kinda a smart move ! Lighting a tissue / paper with that. But, cannot work.

So, we search high and low for fire.

Finally, Joey saw a guy smoking outside of his house. So, Joey tried to borrow his lighter.

And succeeded. They ran back like wind with happy face. Of course la, Joey wor ! Any guy will give her anything if she dare to ask. Haha

So, we lighted up the candle and protect the fire from wind

And we storm his house with a cake , and 2 sparkling juices.

Happy Birthday Jim =)

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