Saturday, October 23, 2010

Eco Film Festival

Last Saturday event was Freedom Film Festival, and a day after that was Eco Film Festival. Junyen and I were volunteer photographer for both event.

If Freedom Film Festival was about freedom and human right, then Eco Film Festival would be about Environment and Health.

Both is very differ in their own way but have similar goal which is to build a better future.

Though we do not get allowance, but free t-shirt and foods were provided. By the way, the t-shirt was cool though.

The movie hall is definitely greater than the hall of PKNS tower, but sad to say that the film quality is not that good. I do not enjoy it though except for one clip that was very informative.

The event was held at Econ Fact at University Malaya, which I am super duper familiar with. Apparently this event was bigger than Freedom Film Festival in the sense that their event area coverage was taking place at both outdoor and indoor.

But there made it look like Carnival with a lot of booth selling their product. Even big balloon games was there to entertain the kid. Erm, Rm10 Per round I guess ?

So, I was getting bored shooting photos of the Digi's booth (well, I not sure why their product is eco friendly) , organic products and others until I encounter one booth that was selling Dulux paint.

I was stunned. Who is this fine beauty ? O man. Heck, I am going to stop by the booth !

So, Junyen and I was hanging around the booth and see what they were selling and spent some time to do their survey (actually finding an opportunity to interact la).

I have help them to do survey, and of course I will demand a pay back yo.

Give me the best smile she can ever give. And then, I continue to stray around snapping random pictures and then spotted another cute little lady.

I think she was a promoter. Though, the event area was big, but I hardly find other interesting stuffs that worth to shoot. Maybe because of my in-experience.

I saw a booth which was promoting a eco film, but I forget what is the film about. I just remembered why I stopped by the booth. It is because of this little tree of wishes

They prepared a lot of dry leaf/seed ( I not sure) and let us to hang on it after we wrote something on it.

This is mine. Wishing everyone to stay healthy always =)

Before the clock hit Afternoon, the sun was so might hot. When everyone foresee that rain is rather impossible, the nature proved them wrong.

It is very heavy !

When the rain start to subdue, I had spotted two 'My FM' MyVi searching for car park. I was delighted because I am getting bored for snapping the same old thing several time.

At least there something new to snap. Too bad, I do not recognize the crew. All I knew is Lam Tak Weng and Ngan Mei Yan because I only listen to the morning session of My Fm broadcast.

Just before Junyen and I decided to call-off our shift, we were asked nicely by an old couple to help them promote their home-made eco dishes. They asked whether we have facebook or not and would like us to promote their product.

And since we are the photographer and owned a blog. why not ? So we agreed

They are pro jelly maker. They made Jelly in various of patterns and can be used as birthday cake. Because it was 'eco', hence it should be healthier than normal high-carb + sugar cake.

To be frank, this event was partly successful. They had prepared a huge hall for it, but only a handful of people were actually interested to watch the film. Most preferred to stroll around the booth although the screening should be the highlight of the event.

For this, I shall give a good applause to Freedom Film Festival for its achievement.

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xehnida said...

EFF failed due to few reasons.
1) they showed it in campus, rarely outsiders would be willing to go.
2) they had 2 screening rooms, forcing ppl to choose which film to watch.
3) the split crowd + campus setting + big screening room makes it feel like too empty. ppl will be reluctant to go in again and discussion wont be healthy.
4) volunteers more than spectators
5) it looks more like a carnival not a film fest!
6) EFF ciplak FFF format